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Product description

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Product Usage:

1. Be used for all sized swimming pools in pressurization water circulating, hot springs and filtering.
2. For Seafood-raising ponds to filter during pumping and circulating sea water.
3. For water gardens, rockery, waterfalls and all kinds of decorative pools, water treament facilities.
4. For transporting weak corrosive liquid without particles. Liquid medium temerature: +5~35℃

Selection Notes:

1.Pay attention to the pool size, water flow and filter voltage.
2.Voltage/ Frequency: 220-440V/50HZ.
3.Safety cetification standards of user districts.
4.The size of pump water joint.
5.The type of plug.

Operation Conditions:
Medium transporting temperature: +5℃~+35℃
Environment temperature: ﹤50℃
Pressure(max): 2.5 bar

2 poles asynchronous motor
Single phase: 220-240V/50Hz
TI heating protector is set in single phase motor
Capacitance is in outlet box
Insulation: F-class; Protection grade:IPX6
Running method: Constant service



1. he motor shell is made of superior aluminum alloy.
2. Thermal protector T1(single phase) is safe and convenient in operation.
3. The protection grade of the pump meets IPX6.
4. F-class insulation.
5. The material of the pump body and other elements are engineering plastics which is anti-corrosion, the pump included strainer basket.
6. Special-purpose machinery to seal makes constant watertight service.
7. Low noise and little vibration, long working life.
8. Effective design, large flow, convenient to remove the gland and slag basket.
9. The whole metal shell is anticorrosion painted.
10. Configuration import low noise stainless steel bearing and import mechanical seal, ensure that pump low noise operation and long-term seal, prolong bearing and service life of the mechanical seal, operation stable, wear well.


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