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Display of corporate culture of excellence to promote high-l
Display of corporate culture of excellence to promote high-level stride style table culture
-- Hongsheng electric table wonderful debut in 2012 June Hotel Canton Exhibition
Hotel industry attention, is Asia 's largest hotel supplies exhibition -- in the tenth session of Guangzhou international hotel equipment and supplies exhibition will be held in 2012 June 28-30 in China Import & Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall A held a grand. Carefully planned, Hongsheng electric table will be " cultural style" as the theme, in the exhibition area of 162 square meters, the new image appears on this exhibition, and the introduction of electric table industry first newspaper " Hongsheng style ", leading the industry to develop electric dining table.
It is understood, Guangdong Province Foshan City Hongsheng electric table electric table industry, is the well-known brand, is committed to electric table design and table culture spread. As the industry's first research and development, production and sales in one of the private scientific and technological enterprises, Hongsheng constantly for clients specializing in the production of hotel electric table, hot table, automatic table, household electrical appliances such as table hotel tables and high-tech products, products sell well in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States more than 10 countries and regions, deeply domestic and foreign customers praise.
At present, health not only has a group of experienced scientific research, technology, management professionals, and " Hong " brand automatic table has a number of national patents, won the "China famous brand " and many other honors. In 2010, sun and to establish relations of cooperation, officially became a enterprise channel electric table gold booth partner. All the time since, with excellent products, innovative design and perfect service consciousness, Hongsheng brand the status of continuous improvement, in the industry establish a high-end brand image, and constantly promote the electric table industry to flourish.
According to Hongsheng electric table general manager Lin Zhixi said: " to participate in the exhibition, Hong will be ' cultural style ' as the theme, break the past to show product practice, focus on the introduction of enterprise culture construction results, and demonstrate electric table enterprises first internal publications, let more by the dealers and suppliers understand Hongsheng, found Hongsheng, accept hongsheng. I believe, it can not only demonstrate Hongsheng strength, will also promote the electric table industry to stride to higher administrative levels. "
2012 June is Guangzhou international hotel equipment and supplies exhibition for the ten anniversary, the major exhibitors exhibitors input and participation enthusiasm is more and more high, I believe in our joint efforts, the tenth exhibition in the exhibition scale will achieve the history again new tall, the exhibition industry will further enhance the impact force.

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