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Leisure health care industry norms of development dawn, heal
With China's rapid economic development, people constantly improve the quality of life, health consciousness gradually strengthens, health and leisure industry has become the pillar industry of China's service industry. But for the industrial appraisal is mixed, and the health and leisure industry did not have a unified national standards have direct relation.
" Leisure and health care industry " covers the tertiary industry in China the most, is based on tourism, sports industry, cultural industry, catering, entertainment, bath industry, health industry as the backbone and the formation of people to meet the health care needs of leisure economy and industry system. Leisure, recreation and tourism industry will become the next economic spring tide, and sweeping all over the world.
Although the health and leisure industry has a very broad market space, but because the wide realm, there is a bull management, lack of coordination, competition does not have foreword phenomenon, showing the social management of the vacancy or as the situation. Mainly manifested in the lack of system, mutual handicap, a lot of people think that leisure can only travel, especially for hundreds of millions of Chinese are concentrated in the holiday, not only to achieve the purpose of appreciation and experience, but also make just inspire enthusiasm for traveling down, another contradiction is acerb, heavy traffic, accommodation, health. Not supporting, unreasonable price, quality of service and other problems, the long time existence problem has not been solved very well. The most important point is contaminated with pornography, in poor taste, due to health and leisure industry is still in the initial stage, a lot of people for health and leisure culture essence understanding is not much, some illegal businessmen in the city not only leisure place dirty project management. Various acts of restricting the development of the leisure industry, the urgent need for an effective social support system to make only superficial changes, exhibit male wind again. China Health Care Association of health and leisure professional committee for the promotion of health and leisure industry emerge as the times require, the development of an irreplaceable role.
After China Health Care Association of health and leisure professional committee of the various efforts, the National Standardization Management Committee for approval by the China Health Care Association of professional committee of planning leisure health care National Health Service Standardization Technical Committee, used for the formulation of China health service system of national standard. The formulation of standards throughout the technology development, industry development has the vital significance and the function. First of all, as a scientific management laid a foundation, can promote the all-round development of economy, increase economic efficiency, can guarantee the quality of service, improve the resilience of the enterprises, and better meet the needs of the society. Secondly, setting standards can also promote the international technology exchange and development, enhance the international influence, but also can be the greatest degree of inhibition and reduction of the unwholesome tendencies growth, urge the enterprise healthy, orderly development. In conclusion, industry national standards will enable lasted for quite a long period of time in the industry the disordered state completely resolved, health and leisure industry will be more prosperous development.

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