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7 kinds of the most fun fitness method, give motion to point
The gymnasium of common sports way is it right? Let you feel boring to yawn? In fact, the lack of fun has been unable to adhere to the important cause of female sports. Fortunately there are a lot of both physical exercise and fun fitness method.
Determined to undertake regular exercise is necessary, but better to mention your interest, this is a long-lasting exercise lasting power. The 7 methods by many professionals, identification and research, not only the fitness effects of stunning, in the course of practice embodied certain traits for women have unique attraction, are trying a new exercise program you may wish to practice!
Skating : it can help you strong thigh and buttock muscle, burn fat, make the body more coordination.
The city street, now more and more energetic teen tied on roller skates, along the road from sliding forward, face filled with a happy smile, roadside after, is the life of various problems in a cavity envy you hate? Don't put yourself in that heavy feeling, if you do not take the initiative to find and try to make their own ease up the methods, problems in life never be resolved, including the weight of the thing. In recent years, slimming experts have proposed, psychological factors on outcomes is thin. So, if you really desire street skating juvenile free and vitality, then don't just stand there watching, turned to buy himself a pair of roller skates. Don't be afraid of what the face, there is now some gyms have been made out of this class, you can in the professional under the guidance of coach, a roller skating. This is a very good fitness exercise, as long as a continuous slide 30 minutes, can rise to burn fat plus physical exercise effect, but also trim your hips and thigh muscles. Even though your body flexibility may not, also do not worry, because skating as ride a bicycle, once learned will never forget, note for beginners to prepare himself for a knee pads and helmets, protect yourself to enjoy the free skating.
Swimming : it can help you relieve joint burden, especially can improve obesity to body joint pressure.
Benefits of aerobic exercise needless to say, however, most of the regular aerobic classes have many complex steps and matters needing attention, if you already have plans to increase their aerobic exercise time, and for a regular aerobic course uninterested, as in swimming pool water. Even if it is just a normal swimming, also have unexpected benefits. According to scientific measurement, the same individuals, were running and swimming, in the same length of time in swimming, consume heat is running 4 times. This number is broken you to swim before impression? Although it seems slow, also do not feel any real pleasure, but this is the genuine goods at a fair price of aerobic exercise. Also, water sports to people the joints of the whole body burden is less, if your weight is a little bit exceed the standard, or under some other rehabilitation therapy, then, in the swimming pool exercise is better choice. If you for thin higher request, so long as slightly increase swimming time and strength, can burn fat better, to increase the effective muscle effects.
Shopping : it can help you burn fat, especially exercise arm and shoulder muscles.
This must be the most loving women 's news, can now hold fitness such a justification to shopping. It is easy to understand, because you were shopping when most of the time in walking, and walking is fitness experts have to busy professionals continue to recommend daily exercise method. It is a reminder, if you decide to use this way to fitness, in addition to their wallets and self-control have sufficient grasp, you also need to have some basic concept: not every section of shopping on foot can harvest a slimming effect, whereas when shopping exercise strength is not great, so you need to elongated movement time, to achieve full activity on muscle and joint purpose. If you hold the burning of fat to go shopping, then the best guarantee every time a street in an hour. In order to achieve the best effect, decided to stay in a shop before, you should at least a first upright, to walk 10 minutes, gait speed to maintain a slight wheeze but also speak to normal level. If lazily lie on the sofa, 1, a short distance run count as 10 words, according to the ways we recommend to go shopping, the intensity of exercise can count as 6 points.
Bowling : it can help you create strong arm and back, can tighten the lower abdomen.
Bowling is a low intensity exercise, it is not like badminton, volleyball and make the heart beat suddenly accelerated, but it can be very good to help people to exercise the necessary muscle. Bowling, need to move up the arm, in this one process, the shoulder, triceps ( upper arm behind the muscle ) and upper back portion will feel a certain weight, and throw the ball to keep the balance of body, the body will naturally arouse out waist strength to match, from the waist muscle and exercise to. As long as the regular participation in bowling, you will gradually feel the body some important position, such as an arm, back, waist and lower abdomen compact transformation.
Yoga : it can help you release the pressure, improve the body flexibility, muscle exercise.
Yoga origin can be traced back to 5000 years ago, the movement of modern city has many benefits, so it is not hard to understand it in a few short years become a very popular form of exercise. There is no need to struggle to himself never practiced yoga, no basic, from 0 begin practicing might instead be a good news, because for beginners, yoga will use to your usual hard exercise to the parts of the body, and make full use of " dead body exercise " potential, thereby relieving physical pain, relieve muscle fatigue, error correcting posture. Yoga is a whole body movement, not only physically, but also from the inside out obtained the practice. In the morning, do yoga, with a calm heart into a day's work and life, the body feel was injected with energy, make you a whole day be in good out of a bandbox.
Dance : it can help you burn fat fast, shape slender straight leg.
Accompanied by music and laughter, with various body movements express love for life, dancing in practice very magical effect, it can in 30 minutes burn about 600000 calories of coke. And dance variety, whether it is Sasa dance, Zumba, or steel pipe dance, as long as you are interested in, is worth the try. Such as jazz, tap, ballet this kind of common dance, in many centers, gyms and dance class can be found in regular course. If you are a very introverted person, with a group of people dancing in front of a mirror can make you feel shy, can also be buying dance teaching video in the home dance. It is important for you to try, many dance experience, sit there daydreaming cannot stimulate interest in dance, but often specialist dance music with an opening, the body will not help ready to, then through to see some beautiful dance, dance of desire will open automatically.
Gardening : it can help you peace of mind, thighs, buttocks and upper arm.
Gardening is not strenuous exercise, but can make people relaxed, release pressure. This is a real need for various parts of the body are involved in sports, bow pull weeding, trim the branches, often to do these things, the body will gradually be trained to be more agile, more flexible, and enhance the cardiovascular function, improve muscle strength. Regular gardening activities to strong arm and back muscles, because you need repeated squat down and stand up, it can make the thigh and buttocks muscles at the same time before and after exercise. If gardening and then add a little stretching exercise, may also let you have a flat stomach. As now to report a horticultural training class, or get together with a group of like-minded friends, weekend time to drive to the suburb farm tours, bent over with some flowers, benefits, and don't forget before starting to wear a hat or painted a good sunscreen.

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